PTP820 Release 9.2 is available

We are happy to announce that PTP820 Release 9.2 is available at:

New features included in Release 9.2

  • UI enhancement
    • Unit and radio summary page.
    • Alarm statistics page in the Web EMS
    • Quick platform setup
  • Multi-carrier ABC minimum bandwidth override option
  • LAG group shutdown in case of degradation event
  • Enhanced LAG distribution
  • RSL threshold alarm
  • Mate management access (IP Forwarding) for IPv6 (PTP 820C)

Here is how new UI will looks like, people love to see single page with all info they need:




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The new overview page is nice.

820S Link breaks  on the transmit on 9.2 , recive is fine.

Also downgrading to 9.0 to get the link back up defualts the unit to factery defualts.

I'm sorry you had this experience!

What exactly went wrong with the transmit on 9.2? Do you have any more information?



Just dosn't trasmit at the set power leves , link on 9.0 recive -34 per licence , 9.2 is -88.

Thank you. We are working on this issue!

I'll keep you posted here.


The 9.2 Firmware is NOT showing up on the download page.  Is there an issue? 


We are preparing a field service bulletin for PTP 820S 1+1 links.

I have been using 9.2 on a PTP 820G 2x(1+1 HSB w/SD) link deployed in Texas for almost two months now and I've encountered no problems--we think that the issue is limited to PTP 820S, but we are investigating.

Thank you for your patience!

If you absolutely need 9.2, please contact me off list and we'll work throught it.


The field service bulletin is here:

Thank you again for your patience!

We'll keep you posted when 9.5 has been tested on PTP 820S 1+1 HSB and is ready for release.

It should be available soon.