PTP820C 80Mhz and 56Mhz

We are looking to upgrade a link. Currently we have 56MHz H and V. One can be expanded to 80Mhz.

Can a single 820C simultaneously handle a 56 and an 80 Mhz channel? I suppose it would have to be the 'Wide' variant, but LinkPlanner doesn't show a 56 so I'm not sure if 56 is available in the Wide, or if a full 80 is available in the Narrow.



I think I found the answer to my question here:

It seems the wide radio can support the smaller channel widths, though I will double check before ordering.

Good question.

Let me confirm!


I've searched through the user guide and technical description.

XPIC and MIMO require the same script for each radio.

There doesn't appear to be any other requirement for using the same script for each radio.

Therefore, a wide PTP 820C could have one radio configured with an 80 MHz script, and the other with a 56 MHz script, as long as they aren't configured for XPIC or MIMO.

As always, with great power comes great responsibility.

Ensure that each end of the link is running the same script, or the link won't come up.

Be careful about running co-polar and cross-polar configurations--make sure you understand whether or not there's channel overlap, and make sure you've chosen the right mediation device (OMT, splitter, or coupler).

I hope this helps!


Thanks, that sums it up nicely!


P.S. Also, remember that the Wide radio supports 80 MHz wide (and smaller) channels.

The Narrow radio supports 56 MHz wide (and smaller) channels.