PTP850C inband management via VLAN supported on copper (POE) port?

Does anybody know if this is supported? I know it works on the PTP820.

The PTP850 lets me set it up and I’ve checked all the service point config and everything and it looks correct, but it isn’t working. We upgraded the radios to v12 FW before doing Quick Config, not sure if they changed something on v12. Or if the PTP850 only supports IBM on the SFP ports, I don’t see anything in the User Guide saying that.

Please my comments on configuring inband mgmt for PTP850 here:

Thanks Eric. I have it working that way on 3 links where I’m using DC power and fiber. But on this one, I’m trying to use the POE port not fiber, and it doesn’t seem to be working. (Yes, I know that’s a 1 gig interface on a 1.4 gig radio, but we’re replacing an AF5X link which is cabled for Cat5, and we intend to limit modulation to 256QAM.)

Probably unrelated, but what do you make of the new Unit Management Mode dropdown box, I think that is new with v12 firmware. Not covered in the user guide or release notes AFAIK.

We’re not using any PTP850’s in the configuration you’re trying to accomplish. All of our we’re using the SFP+. We’re using R12 on everything as well. I don’t know what the new management modes do.

The documentation for setting up mgmt options on the PTP850 is horrible… really non-existent. We ended up having to enlist the help of our local Cambium RTM to get this figured out, and when I pointed out that none of the instructions that they gave us were in the manual, they were quite surprised, but then they verified it, and sure enough, none of it was there.

I’d suggest that you call your RSM/RTM and schedule a time for them to help you out.

Agreed, it’s a mess. I don’t know how anyone got these radios working before they added the Quick Config setup wizard to get you started. And the way in-band management works, there’s just too much risk of cutting yourself off and needing to climb the tower. They also need a hardware method to restore factory configuration, too easy to lock yourself out of the radio.

I realize it’s really a rebranded Ceragon radio, but you’d think some of these issues would have been addresses when they brought out the IP50/PTP850 series.

Cambium support replied to the case I opened saying it should work and saying to configure untagged mgmt on the POE port and then report back. Maybe they are misunderstanding what I want to do, and suggesting that I put PIPE traffic on an SFP+ port and untagged management traffic on the POE port instead of the dedicated management port. I would still call that out-of-band-management. If I’m going to run fiber I would run a DC cable at the same time like we did at the other sites.