PTP850s vlan 1configuration question

I am setting up a PTP850S for the first time and I need to setup it for in-band management and also do a single cable solution all on VLAN 1 only.

Do I need to tag the Management SP 31 and set it to vlan 1 C-VLAN encapsulations or leave it untagged? Im reading that the managment SP should be tagged?

On a PTP820S the MNG port is a diffrent port so I setup the services on eth 1 untagged dot1q for the 257 MNG and select untagged on the service points for Eth slot 1 port 1 and radio slot 2 port 1 and a P2P pipe for service point 1 but im not tracking for doing this setup in a PTP850S?

If you want inband management on one interface, then the mgmt interface will need it’s own VLAN. Also make sure you enable inband management on the local network config page.

Hi Eric,

I don’t actually have the ‘In-Band Managment Configuration’ option available to me. All I see is the IP Family Configuration and IP Configuration. Would you know why this might be?


The “In-Band Configuration” option under the Local Networking config area is only applicable to PTP850 radios. It’s not available or needed on PTP820 radios.

I have the PTP-850s model. I am having massive capacity issues and it won’t allow me to push anymore than 15mbps through the link and I’m trying to track down why.

Please start a seperate thread for this issue. The in-band config option has no bearing on link throughput.

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