QOS feature?

We are considering purchase of a couple of the R201 models. A feature we are looking for is  the ability to provide the router with a list of MAC addresses of devices we want to have priority over any other device that may be using the WIFI feed at the same time.

It is unclear from a quick review of the user guide that the R201 can accomodate us. Would someone mind clarifying?

Thank you.

Hi ,

In current image, there is no QOS service base on MAC of clients.  Traffic can be classified  and prioritised  based on  source/destination  LAN client IPs.

Please refer below KB document.




Hi Niraj,

I'm pretty sure in your example posted on the other site you can't actually apply that config in the newer firmware versions, the up/down values are required fields and they'll error out.

Is this the only way to configure QoS?  Based on IP addressing?  I can't just apply QoS based on DSCP?