Question about retro 450b

Hi, what is the gain on the new 450b retro compared to the existing 450b mid-gain and with a dish compared to the 450b high-gain?

Great question… here are the typical gains:

450b Retro (Internal patch) - 9dBi
450b Retro with offset reflector (our part # HK2022A) - 24 dBi
450b Mid-gain (Integrated patch panel array) - 16 dBi
450b High Gain (Integrated parabolic dish) - 23 dBi

Original 450 SM with offset reflector - 24 dBi (nearly equal to that of the 450b Retro)

These gains vary a bit across the supported frequencies, so can fluctuate depending on the frequency at which it’s being measured. All of the current spec sheets have example antenna patterns that show this. If you have additional questions, please ask.

It should be noted that these are all for the 5 GHz radios…

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Thanks Matt. Looking at the 16.2.3 release notes, there is a section comparing the original 450 SM to the 450b retro:

Is there a similar comparison chart to the 450b mid-gain or high gain? We are trying to decide where this device might fit in our current network of 450b mid-gains and high-gains.

Edit : Ah nevermind Matt, found a spec sheet on our vendor’s website, though would it be possible to elaborate on where Cambium envisions this device within an existing network of 450b mid-gains and high-gains?

IMHO, this model is for operators that have a lot of reflector dishes laying around! :laughing:

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Essentially, Eric is correct… we know that there are a LOT of the original 450 SM already deployed. Most of them were deployed using reflector dishes… this radio allows those customers to upgrade to the latest performing platform (gain in Tx power, ability to do entire 5 GHz band, better PPS, etc.) with a very simple drop-in replacement.

You don’t even need to re-align the dish… should be an extremely fast deployment in these cases.


Any idea when distributors are going to get these?

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The product is shipping and distributors should be getting inventory as we speak… all open orders should be fulfilled within the next 3-4 weeks.

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