Quick Start Setup for PTP 650 Demonstrations and Evaluations

We're often asked about the quickest, most simple way to get a PTP 650 link up and running for a demonstration or even a quick bench test.  See the list of steps below to get a unit from out of the box to connected over the air in a matter of a few minutes.

First refer to page 6-4 in the PTP 650-01-40 user guide for instructions on setting your laptop's TCP/IP configuration to talk directly to the PTP 650 radios.

Second, you'll need to know the following information

  1. IP address you'll be using to configure the radio (default is
  2. license key string received via e-mail if you've purchased any optional features (www.cambiumnetworks.com/suport)
  3. if using fixed frequency mode the channel frequency and channel bandwidth

Third, connect to the radio and using the install wizard get the radios up and running.

  1. using a standard browser connect to the radio's management interface (default is
  2. the default password is blank
  3. go to the installation menu and click install to start the installation wizard
  4. On the software license key page install the license key received via e-mail.  Click next
  5. On the Interface config page set the following and then click next.
    1. IPv4 address
    2. leave data service on Main PSU Port
    3. leave management on In-Band Main PSU port
  6. On the wireless config page set the following.
    1. select one ODU of the link as Master and the other as Slave
    2. enter any text string for link name and select access method: link name access (must match on both radios)
    3. select channel bandwidth
    4. select fixed frequency if you know the channel you want to use.  Otherwise select DSO to let the radios pick the best channel
    5. select link symmetry:  1 to 1
    6. select the same frequency on both tx and rx frequency if using fixed frequency
    7. If you'll be operating on a bench or with the radios lying next to each other reduce the Maximum Tx power to 5 dBm or less.
    8. for bench test just select change config without arming “tones will generate a beep until link established”; “arming puts the radio into lowest modulation mode to assist alignment”
  7. Select confirm configuration and reboot
  8. Your link should come up and you'll see green on the link status page.  Remember to go to the install wizard and click "Disarm Installation Agent" to let the radio's modulate up to the maximum achievable speed.

From here you can begin exploring the other features such as on-line diagnostics, security features and spectrum expert.