R190 Bridge Mode - IP for cnMaestro

We have r190 in the field that are in bridge mode.  They bridge just fine between WAN/LAN/wlan.  The problem is that the only IP it has is which doesn't get the r190 to the Internet/cnMaestro server.

Is there a way to have the r190 have a dhcp client on both the WAN/LAN (in case customers move the cables) so it can reach the DHCP server and get a good IP/subnet/gw/dns in order to get it Internet access?  If so, we'd be able to get the r190 to reach the cnMaestro server.

 Yes, You can manage the device using cnMaestro even if the device is configured as the bridge for the internet. Create separate two WANs for internet and management service.  Internet service in bridge mode and Management service in route mode.

Please refer below KB document, 


I want to bridge all 5 ethernet ports and WLAN.  Just make the entire thing a dumb ap/switch.

That link will do two bridges and doesn't apply to what I'm wanting to do.

This is my current current.  It will function as a bridge and such (between all ethernet ports and WLAN) but a) I can only access it from the 1-4 wired ports and b) it can't reach Internet/cnMaestro.

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Just make the entire thing a dumb ap/switch.

>>> Yes, you can make  the AP/device dumb as  switch/bridge (All LANs, WAN  and WLANs) and to manage AP/device using cnMaestro,  the AP/Device needs IP and gateway to reach cnMaestro,  so create a separate subinterface for  management service,

Please find the screen capture network page.

  1. Create a bridge/Switch interface in-between All LANs, WAN  and WLANs for internet service.

2.  Create a subinterface for management service in DHCP mode or assign static IP to reach cnMaestro.

 3. Status page

4. cnMaestro status page

5. Have attached sample configuration  for reference 

This appears to only pull DHCP on the WAN interface.  What about the ether1-4 ports?

It also looks like I can set a LAN IP address accessible from the eth1-4 ports, that's certainly handy in case DHCP fails.  I'm wondering if we can create a default route on the LAN side and use this as a backup static IP?

EDIT:  Can we make it just like epmp where it'll pull DHCP but always respond to an IP (universal or something we set)?

This is what I miss about the ubiquiti radios we used to use - when you put an air router into bridge mode, it only has one ip address. 

The R190/R200 always has two ip addresses - one only accessible on the WAN port, the other accessible on the LAN/WLAN ports. 

All other data passes through without issue. 


When device is in bridge mode, by default it is expected that, the WAN interface will NOT have any IP assigned. All clients connecting to the R-series device LAN/WLAN, which are setup for DHCP, would get an IP from the DHCP server behind WAN port (A external DHCP server hosted by ISP). 

In this scenario, to access the R-series device GUI, we MUST assign a static IP in the range to one laptop connected directly to the LAN port of the R-series device. Now the R-series device GUI can be accessed using IP from this laptop. This in our opinion is same as the fixed IP method used in ePMP. How do you find this different ? Please help us understand how the above method is not useful for you.

Hi Ray,

When in bridge mode, the R series device has NO IP address on the WAN interface by default. There is just one on the LAN (i.e. Which other IP address are you referring to ?

I am not sure now

I created a template last year by 

1) Switching to simple mode

2) Putting the WAN into bridge mode

Then somehow created a CPE rooftop radio R190V WAN port (ip only accessible on wan, used by voip, remote admin etc) R190V LAN port (ip only accessible on lan for gui etc) 

All devices get issued an ip address by dhcp from the rooftop radio. 

It worked so i copied the entire template and made a user defined override with some custom variables like ssid/password/voip user&pass/channel etc which we use for all our routers

How does switching to bridge mode affect the built in ata adapter? Because once I switch to bridge mode the phone quit working.

Are you plugging in the WAN port? The WAN gets the management IP for the router’s GUI and ATA.

Yes, I am plugging into the wan port. It’s not getting a management IP though.

Everything was working, I switched it from router mode to bridge mode but that’s the only setting I changed. I feel like maybe there was more to it.