R190,R201,R195 Routers have to reboot often

Good day,
We sell/lease exclusively Cambium routers to our customers. We are currently issuing the R195W routers. Some of our customers use their own routers of different brands like Ubiquiti, Netgear or TP-Link. People that supply their own routers rarely have to reboot their router or see router related issues. However, many of our customers that use Cambium routers have to reboot frequently to regain internet access or to regain full speed through the router.
Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?
Some of these customers have chosen to switch from our supplied router to purchasing their own and after installing theirs, no longer have this problem.

The network configuration is Static public IP on the customer router WAN and the Gateway resides on a switch just before the router at the DC. All layer 2 to the customer. Routing only happens on our core switch and router at the DC and of course each customer router.


I have the same issue with my office router. It is a R-201 and will be fine for a day or two or a week or two and then it stops talking to the internet connection.

Yes - they are twice as much money, and have to be rebooted frequently - every few days.

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You want to weigh in on this? What can cause this?

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I would be curious to know what Firmware you all are running.
We have moved from 4.4.2 to 4.6 R19. There is some roll up instructions to do so
but have not seen this since that move.

Im using 4.6 on all the routers on my network.

Hi Gary and all,

I understand the pain especially in this time, and apologize for this inconvenience. I would strongly recommend that you try the latest 4.7.1-B3 firmware. We have addressed some issues that will certainly help in this scenario.

In case you still face any such issue, please reach out to me ashutosh.datta[at]cambiumnetworks.com


Our customers are having the same issues. We run 4.6 mostly on the routers. I’ve definitely noticed more issues with the R195s.

The current release is 4.6-R16. My customers and I can’t afford to test a beta. Would you care to note the cause of the issue and what was changed to fix this?

I am also having this issue with the R195W routers. Any idea when the new firmware will be out of bata?

We fixed an important memory leak, and also updated the radio driver with some important fixes. Apart from this this firmware is fully tested and subjected to long duration stress testing. I would request you to load your router with 4.7.1-B3.


As per current plan it should be a 30 days beta. The release candidate is already under test.


In a effort to resolve some of the issues we’ve had with these routers I have followed instructions from this Thread Based on the first post of the thread. After updating to 4.7.1-B3 should we undo the suggested changes or retain them.
It would also be very helpful if Cambium would post a recommended configuration either in blog form or by sharing a config file. I would also like to see your response with your opinion of those suggested changes by iBound on the mentioned thread.

Hi Gary,
I would suggest that you factory reset the unit after upgrading to 4.7.1-B3 and then configure it as per your needs. It is hard for us to provide a golden configuration that would suite all customers. The default configuration is the best as a general case. The configurations mentioned in the thread, would apply to specific deployment scenarios, so it may help in certain cases only.

For example green field configuration would be helpful in case customer had issues with legacy b/g clients and would have no impact for others.

Apply configuration that you really need.

@ashutoshdatta, I see 4.7-R10 posted in maestro software, can this be loaded to router via Maestro?

I think that is only for R195P

So this beta firmware discussed above is for the r195w, R201P along the others?

No, the Beta is 4.7.1-B3 not 4.7-R10


4.7-R10 Is for r195P only
4.7.1-B3 Is BETA release for r190/r200/r201/r195W only (this is not available in cnMaestro and needs to be upgraded from device UI)

@Gary_Boyce I’ve loaded 4.7.1-B3 and have started enabling the features disabled before and will update here.

@ashutoshdatta thanks for letting us know about this.