R201P Guest Network

I'm using the R201P as an access point on my network. I assigned the device a LAN address and am not using the WAN port.

I'm wondering how I can setup a guest network to keep guest wireless access off of our corporate network.

I was expecting to see a spot for vlan tagging on the SSID screen.

Would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

Didn't try with CNMaestro but a standard way to do it for any brand is a SSID with VLAN dedicated to guest network and, on the router, on the guest VLAN (LAN side), drop incoming traffic at destination of, and

P.S. : Allow first your VLAN subnet. To make it more secure, you could also block outgoing traffic on this VLAN that is not destinated to the guest VLAN subnet.

The only section in this configuration for VLAN is under WAN, doesn't appear that I can set a vlan for my ssid.

Please send your current network topology diagram and device configuration .



On the R201 only the WAN port can send and receive tagged packets.

For your scenario, you'll need to create two WAN connections - this KB article has some screenshots. There will be an existing WAN connection set up with VLAN disabled (i.e. use untagged packets), to which all ports and SSIDs are bound by default. You'll need to create a new WAN connection of type 'Other' and configure it with the VLAN you want to use for the guest network. Then at the bottom of the WAN configuration page bind it to the guest SSID