Replacing dead v5000

I am wondering what the correct procedure would be to change a v5000 that is the e2e controller and connected to maestro on prem?

In maestro there is a an option to replace node, but it just gives me internal error after i put in the new mac address. Maestro is 3.1.0 r1

Do i have to reprogram all links into a new e2e controller? Not sure Thanks in advance for help!!

To what I understand, the Replace Node option is applicable to replace
(a) Faulty DN node ,
(b) Faulty CN node and
(c) Faulty POP node (without Onboard E2E).

And may not be applicable to the usecase under discussion.

Other experts may be able to share more insights on possibilities.


The replace node option we have does not work for replacing the node running onboard controller.
Today one needs to reprogram all links into new pop running e2e.
We are working towards an option to avoid this reprogramming. I will give an update once there is clarity on timeline.