RF Ports on 450 900 MHz SM - Is there a Path Designation?


This is a newbie question related to the RF Ports on the 450 900 MHz SM.

Do the RF Ports on top of the 450 900 MHz SM correlate to  RF path A and RF path B of the radio?

If so which port is for RF path A and which port is for RF path B?

User Guide 14.1.2 does not provide this information for PTP 450 900 MHz SM.  


According to CambiumMatt the top left RF port is Path B and the top right RF port is Path B.

Just to make this clearer:


If the system is operating normally, there is no need to actually know which path is which, because the software system can compensate for a "swapped" cable.

This information can help identify which connector or cable might be troublesome, if one path is significantly different RSL from the other.  Hope it is useful.