Running two seperate networks across a PtP 820

I currently have a PtP 820c link and it's been running great for the past year and a half. We are in the engineering stages of installing another link using 820c radios and I noticed that the radios have the primary ethernet connection and additional SFP connections. My question is this: Can the radios be configured in a way that allows for two completely seperate networks to traverse the link?


Data Port 1 on Radio 1 to Data Port 1 on Radio 2

Managment on this interface with IPs on each radio.


Data Port 2 on Radio 1 to Data Port 2 on Radio 2

No IP addresses on interfaces, it just passes all traffic straight through.

Yes, you can.

Here is the way you shall configure  the PTP820C radio.

You will need to create  two P2P service:

step 1: Create one  Point to Point Ethernet service connect date port 1 to radio port 1, you can also add the inbound management as you have today on such link

Step 2: Create another Point to POint Ethernet service connect data port 2 to radio port 2.

These two service are independant.

Thank you for the information.

Can you please verify the part numbers to make this work? The tech document indicates I need a licence per port so for one link I would need Qty 4 of N000082L042A? Also the book mentions that Data Port 2 can be either electrical or Optical. What part numbers are required for either type of connection?