Sad history brazil

In the last 2 years, I have been a lot of problems to buy Cambium products in Brazil for 3 main reasons:

1 - Brazilian distributors do not know what they do.

2 - The Brazil-Paraguay frontier closed for months (impossible to buy at Flytec)

3 - When the distributor in brazil responds, product is always missing. (Or don’t know when he arrives)

I wonder what is the importance of the Brazilian market for Cambium.

Last month Ubiquiti started selling on its online store at very good prices, making it much more advantageous to buy in Brazil than to buy in Paraguay.

Why hasn’t Cambium done this so far?

The best distributor in Brazil, which paid attention, responded and delivered unfortunately closed. (Conectivit) (as soon as I remember his name, I’ll be back here to update).

Cambium has excellent products but they still don’t understand the Brazilian market and what we need. This has been happening for over 6/7 years!

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We are working hard to resolve this situation. Someone from our Brazil team will reach out to you. In the meantime, can you tell us exactly which product you need right away?


buying from Colombia does not suit you? syscom has a store set up there and in my country they are leaders in the market for high-end products

Thanks for the reply @Sakid_Ahmed !

I need Force 200 and 300.

In time, I remembered who the distributor was: Connectivita Telecom - @Zucchi

He even wrote the guide to the Cambium line that I used to reference

ePMP - O Guia Definitivo - Portugese - Cambium Community (

Unfortunately not because the difficulties at the border brazil-colombia and bank fees. (too high)