Schedule tasks like upgrades

It seems to me that scheduling firmware updates is one of the most basic features and the fact cnMaestro doesn't have that feature is practically a non-starter issue for me.

Any idea if this feature will be added soon?


Completely agree.  Hard to believe at 1.5.0 and still does not have this basic capability.

Many months later, v 1.6-r18 and still can't schedule upgrades.

Seems like a pretty simple feature to implement.

Cambium, can you provide any feedback as to when you'll add this feature?

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I also agree. This is something that I really need ASAP!

Yep, it's a fundamental feature that has been requested numerous times.  It's quite disapointing that it still hasn't materialized.

We have this feature in our roadmap but there is no timeline, it could be end of Q2 or before that.

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Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to it.

Running v1.6.2r11.

Still can't schedule updates.

Cambium should be embarrassed this feature wasn't integrated two years ago.


1.6.3r15 is current and it is still not in there either.  I agree this is BASIC functionality and it is disappointing that it is not present.

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This really is a critical feature, and I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented yet.  It just seems amazing to me that this hasn't been checked off the list yet.

Something that CNUT supported and still hasn't came in, i think cambium should be a bit more upfront about development roadmap and where features lie so we aren't anxiously waiting on things that are not coming soon

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Poke++ this thread: this is an essential feature, I would love to drop CNUT altogether but this is the foremost item holding me back.

As a UBNT Air control user as well

Scheduling jobs is one of the most important features you can have Cambium.

Can you imagine dropping portions of your network in prime time, buisness hours to do updates? 

Do you guys like to sit up at 3-5AM to "push" updates to your devices? Because that is what you ask of us since you don't include this basic functionality.

As it was explained to me briefly at your recent road show, you guys aren't providers. Your programmers. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST BASIC FUCTIONS OF ANY CONTROLLER. 

Get with the program please. Include a way to schedule these events NOW.. It's way too late to not have it included.

We have released cnMaesto On-Premises 2.1.0 today which includes scheduled software udpate support.

Please check the release notes 

The community announcement link is


This works great for software updates, appreciate this being added!  Now can this be extended to configuration management jobs which seem to use a very similar job scheduler.  As an example this evening we intend to upgrade our SM's to 3.5.6 across the board so that we have them all on a consistent release.  Following that we would like to fire off a configuration management job as there are options we need to tweak.  The upgrades are scheduled but will still need to get up in middle of night for configuration.

Thanks for considering this enhancement!