Scheduling the software upgrade of PMP AP and SM on CNUT

User can schedule the software upgrades for the radio at a specific time using the Scheduling option.

  • Make sure the radios SNMP is set to Read/Write on both AP and SM under Configuration >> SNMP tab.
  • Make sure to copy the SNMP community string (eg : Canopy in our setup)
  • Discover the radios in the CNUT under Edit >> Add elements to network root.
  • Add the IP of the AP in the list with user name, password and SNMP community string.

We have kept to default (User name: root, Password: (blank), SNMP: Canopy and selected usingdefault option).

  • Select the added AP and click on View >> Refresh/Discover selected network elements and make sure the status says ‘’Refreshed’’. This will discover the AP and connected SMs.
  • Click on Update >> Schedule Network Update.
  • Make sure Update Selected network elements and Enable SM autoupdate when an AP is updated.
  • Click on ‘’Change’’ to select the time for the update.
  • Click on OK to start the scheduler.
  • The AP will update first as per the scheduled time and SM will start after the AP.

Please find the screen shots for the reference.

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