Upgrade PMP/PTP 450x Radio firmware using CNUT

This article explains the procedure to upgrade the PXP 450x radios to the latest firmware version using Canopy Network Updater Tool (CNUT).

We recommend all customers to upgrade their radios to the latest firmware version as it helps in improvement of performance of the radios due to bug fixes and introduction of new features.

These bug fixes and performance improvements are listed in the Release Notes which are updated with every firmware release.

Canopy Network Updater Tool (CNUT)

The CNUT tool can be downloaded from the ‘Downloads’ page of the support website of the Cambium Networks. Here is the link-


Once you download the CNUT tool for your Windows or Linux Machine, please follow the below steps to upgrade the radios-

Welcome Page

Step 1- Please click on Edit – Add Elements to Network Root

Step 2- Use the Default/Inherit settings if there are no changes to the SNMP settings. If there are configuration changes on the radio, you need to make changes to the highlighted parameters-

Step 3- Go to View and Refresh/Discover the Entire Network. The Access Point gets added to the Network Root and the Subscriber Modules associated are automatically discovered.

Step 4- To upgrade the Subscriber Module, the Subscriber Module needs to be moved under the Network Root. Go to View and Refresh/Discover the Entire Network.

Step 5- Go to Update and upgrade the selected Network Elements.

The radio has been upgraded to the latest firmware.

For scheduling the PXP firmware upgrade, please find the steps in the community link-


Alternate Method- CnMaestro Tool

The PXP radios can be upgraded using CnMaestro tool. The steps for onboarding and upgrading the radios can be found in the community link-