Site Dashboard for Wi-Fi devices

This article discusses the Site Dashboard feature that part of the upcoming cnMaestro version 1.2.1 release (now in beta).

Site Dashboard is one stop location for monitoring all Wi-Fi devices in cnMaestro. Site Dashboard mainly focus on the following parameters:

Wi-Fi Devices Availability (Total & Offline) 

       Displays total number of access points in the Site and the devices that are offline


Wireless Clients

     Displays the total number of clients associated with AP



     Displays aggregated throughput for all Clients


RF Quality

    Displays RF quality of AP


Top 5 AP (Clients / Throughput / Offline AP’s / RF Quality / Usage )

    Displays the top 5 AP’s by clients, throughput, offline AP’s , RF Quality , Usage


Channel Distribution

    Channel distribution displays usage of channels in 2.4 & 5 GHz .This helps users in planning and implementing       WLAN within a high-density environment.


Wireless LANs

    Wireless LAN grid displays the WLAN’s present on all AP’s in the site dashboard


Wireless Clients Graph

    Wireless clients graph displays clients that are connected in 2.4 & 5GHz for last week


Throughput Graph

    Throughput graph displays client traffic for the last week


Wi-Fi Access Points

    Wi-Fi Access points will focus on parameters like device type, Band, Channel, Transmit Power, Clients connected to AP, Throughput (Uplink & Downlink).User has the option to export Wi-Fi access points grid to PDF/CSV.


Wireless Clients

    Wireless Clients will focus on parameters like Client name, IP address, MAC of client, Manufacturer, WLAN to which client is connected, AP to which client is connected. User has the option to export Wireless Clients grid to PDF/CSV.

Floor Plan

    Floor Plan is used to locate all AP’s on the map, device status, connected clients, transmit power on the map .This can be done by uploading the map in Manage > Organize > Choose Network > Edit > Upload or floor map can be uploaded when site is created. Placing the AP’s on the floor map is done by clicking full-screen option and then click edit , place the AP’s on the map and save.

Accessing the Site Dashboard

   To Access the Site Dashboard, Navigate to Monitor > Dashboard > Network > Site Dashboard

Creating the Site Dashboard

    By default in a network, default site is created .However if user wish to create a new site, it can be done by navigating to Manage > Organize > Add Site