Some problems on E410

Hi everyone, I have 5 APs Cambium e410 and Router Vigor 3900 DHCP server. Firware of APs are 3.10-r6
Now, i have some problems:
+ if total users are 80 => 1x client cannot receive DHCP from Vigor 3900.
+ 2.4G is very slow on devices with standard bgn wifi card

+ Why does the Dashboard display 80 users but on Clients tab it is 70 users
My english not good, sorry.
Thank you

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Hello Vinhthai,

I would look to see the IP Lease time in your router, it's possible that the router is running out of addresses to give out.

2.4Ghz can often be a congested channel, I would look to see if there is any interference on the channel. I assume 5Ghz is performing well? The E410 has a built in Wi-Fi Analyzer which can be found under tools (in cnMaestro).

The Dashboard shows the total number of users connected within the last 5min and the Clients tab shows the number of devices currently connected.

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Thank you Wright Fi, good answer.  I didn't think of that.

Vinhthai, are you stuck with 2.4GHz because of the client devices?  if so, then disable the "802.11b" rates.  That will increase the cell capacity a bit since the AP will have to use the faster 802.11g rates for management frames.

80 is a lot of clients for a single 2.4GHz radio.

I would guess you have a mix of 2.4GHz and 5GHz clients. if so, then I would still disable the 802.11b protocol, prune the lower 2.4GHz channels and reduce the 2.4GHz Tx power by 6dB lower than the 5GHz radio.  Those tricks will encourage client devices to connect to the 5GHz radio.

Finally, use the WiFi Monitor that Wright-Fi mentioned to check the 5GHz channel utilization.  If possible, enable 40Mhz channel on the 5GHz radio. That will increase the cell rate and increase network capacity.