Spectrum analyzer suggestions, esp ePMP1000 series

Hi all, I’m not sure how much these suggestions are read, but I have some for the spectrum analyzer feature, especially on the ePMP 1000 series.

-could that SA task be written in JavaScript so that we can access it in the radio’s web interface, without needing to download a program on our PC?

relating to the PC-hosted SA program:
-a menu item, e.g. View->About, that shows the version number
-the SA signal range is unnecessarily large, from -125 to 0 dBm. In my experience these radios can’t really detect signals under -100 or above -25, so that just wastes the view. Please change the signal range to be between -100 and -25.
-even when connected to these 5ghz radios, the SA software allowed 2.4ghz frequencies under the range menu, that seems like a bug.

From a development standpoint, I can safely say (or predict) that no time will be spent making the e1k or e2k spectrum analyzer any better… those ships have sailed. For those older radios we don’t even use the SA anymore, and typically just use ACS to get a feel for what’s going on in the band.

For the e3k and upcoming e4k… there’s slight hope that there may be SA improvements… but frankly, I’m of the opinion that built in SA’s are more of a bonus feature designed for quick and dirty troubleshooting and I don’t expect it to ever replace a real spectrum analyzer.

I do agree, it would be great to see the features you mention added, but after waiting for even the most basic features, like AP preferred retry timer, to be implemented, I don’t hold much hope for advanced SA features.

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Yep - we’ve been through years of SA issues. For example, we’ve known for a LONG time that accidently leaving the SA on was a known problem maker, and a known performance killer. My suggestion was fairly simple – put a SA status indicator icon on the top/right, up where the ‘User count’, ‘internet connectivity’, and ‘GPS status’ indicators are.

After all, the AP already know the SA status (on / off / error) so it’s not even a new ‘firmware’ feature, it’s just displaying the information it already knows, with one more grey / green / red status icon. THAT’S ALL. It feels like it adding an icon to the GUI Status bar should be doable in a single day - unless there is some super secret thing I don’t understand about programming.

But - YEARS - waiting for them to implement a SA status icon, which will probably never come.