Spectrum analyzer: "Unable to launch the application"


I tried using spectrum analyzer, but I get error shown on print screen. I have used it before many times on this AP (ePMP2000 running 3.5.6). Under Java Security AP is added into exception list.
Anyone having this problem?

I suspect that it might have something with just upgrading my PC Windows to 1903?


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Mistery solved. They installed new firewall, ports were open, but firewall was blocking Java scripts with "data filtering" and thats why it didn't work.

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We also packaged Spectrum Analyzer tool as a stand alone application for Windows and MacOS. It is available for download on our support site:


It is the same Spectrum Analyzer tool, but made as a native executable instead of Java Web Start so you don't have to mess with Java settings in your browser any more.




That's great! I din't know that. Thank your for info!

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It requires Administrator privileges every time I run it.

Our agents don’t have admin rights by default, can it work as a normal user?

Hello @latinsud !

Which radio and firmware are you using?

Some stations have no separated radio for SA so can not transmit during its usage. In other cases working SA can affect performance. So it is not a bad idea to restrict access to it.