SSID's on sectors

I'm deploying Cambium ePMP1000 network with approx 2-25 subscribers an I have some strange issues and stability problems on few clients.

I use same SSID (ie. TOWERTOWN1) on all sectors from same TX site , clients are in distance ranging from 300 m to 12 kilometers LOS from tower.

I had to change  conuntry from my coutry to Other to raise TX power on AP to get reliable link for the most distant customers, tha rndered some close to tower SMs unstable or even permanently disconnected.

so question is:

Should every sector have seperate SSID (ie. TOWERTOWN1E, TOWERTOWN1W etc.) and every SM manually accosiated to an sector etc. ?

Can high output Power from AP render an SM close to tower useless ?

There are only 2 things that I have not done from the BPG document, as I have relarevely clean eviroment in rural area I run frequency on auto select 40 MHz bandwidth only, -80 dBm entrypoint, 0 dB S/N, is that bad idea?

But I can recommend ePMP1000 for exseptinoal performance up to 100/70Mbit I can mesure AP-SM bandwidth and on the stable  SM customers are really happy with the servic really fast and resonsive network, in coming months IPTV and VOIP will be deplyed on the network and I look for vard to see tha in action. 

Stefan B. Jonsson

Martolvan Iceland

Hello Stefan,

Yes, it is recommended that you have unique SSID for each sector, and also use the Preferred AP functionality in the SM to make sure each SM associates with the intended AP. Not doing so could allow SMs to associated with APs that are not ideal and hurt performance.

Regarding SM distances, 300 meters from the tower should not be an issue.

If you have APs co-located in the same tower (which looks like you do) with frequency re-use, you should be running with GPS Synchronization enabled. I would suggest you to read the article posted here:

for recommendations.