Subscriber Subscriptions and Control

I have a customer who has an RV Park. She has both short term and long term space rental.

I would like to be able to set up Internet Access for renters using a subscription model. So payments are collected automatically tied to an access plan. Possibly a daily, weekly, monthly subscription plan with 1 or 2 bandwidth options.  Or controled by Gigabytes used where they purchase Gigs in advance.

I'm wondering if any of the cnPilot devices will work well for this purpose?

She can't afford a real expensive solution and we want something that can be set up so payment collection and access control is as automatic as possible.

Looking for suggestions and how it has worked for you?


With cnPilot APs (with the cnMeastro cloud controller) you can use PalPal to collect payments.

Your also able to set time limitations, bandwidth limitations and limit overall data usage as well. So I think cnPilot will work well for this deployment. You can read a little more about setting up a plan with PayPal here:

Also once this has been setup there is very little you have to do to maintain it, its all automatically handled by cnMaestro / PayPal.

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Will check this out!