Sync PMP 450i 900 UGPS to PMP 450 3.65 AP

Hello all, 

Right now I have a PMP 450i 900 MHz synced using a UGPS. I want to pull the sync from its connected subscriber and connect it to a PMP 450 3.65 AP. Currently, from the SM I have a cable with the RJ12 pinout to RJ45 pinout on the PMP 450 3.65 AP. I have Auto sync + free run enabled and yet I'm not getting any information saying that it is working. On the sync status page, it shows " no sync since boot up" and not recognizing the cable. I've tried 2 other cables thinking the cable wasn't made correctly, but they are. Any help with getting the sync to pass through would be of great help.

Hello, what you are describing is a remote AP setup. 

More detailed information can be found starting on page 197 of the 15.2.1 User Guide.  It requires the following additional parameters to be configured:

The sync input setting can be set to autosync or autosync+free run (recommended).

Yes, this is what I have and I know there are a couple of settings listed in the IP tab about the Aux port. Which ones should be enabled for that? These are what I'm seeing so far and the second screenshot is on the IP tab in configuration.

Those settings are independent of remote sync and are needed if you are using the AUX port as an additional network data input and/or POE power (e.g. powering on a POE camera and then passing that wired Ethernet traffic back into the network).  I would keep them disabled if they are not used, especially the POE out, as the AP will draw more power than necessarily intended.

Please see this post for the necessary info.