System Release PTP 670-02-60 available for PTP 670

System Release PTP 670-02-60 is now available for download from

Release Notes provide details of the new features introduced, but here is a brief summary of features that apply in PTP links:

Embedded Ethernet switch in PTP topology

The PTP 670 ODU now provides basic Ethernet switching between the wired Ethernet ports in the PTP topology.

In earlier releases, this was available only for the HCMP topology.

DNS resolver
The ODU Management Agent now supports use of the Domain Name Service (DNS) so that network management server addresses can be configured by their domain names.

Show/hide security parameters
The ODU provides an option to display data entry for text-based security parameters as standard text, and not obscured in the style of normal password entry. This will improve typing accuracy where very long strings (up to 128 characters) must be entered.

Random key
PTP 670-02-60 introduces an option to generate security keys using a random number generator within the ODU. This offers a useful option where ultimate security is not needed. The following attributes benefit from this feature:
Key of keys, Entropy, TLS-PSK in the Security Wizard, TLS-PSK in the Configuration page.

New Regulatory Band for UK 5.8 GHz
Regulatory Band 104 (RB 104) can be used for links in the UK where the operator’s license allows use of the sub-band between 5795 MHz and 5815 MHz. Other limits are identical to the existing RB 4.

QoS classification for PPPoE Link Control Protocol
This release allows the ODU to classify frames from the PPPoE Link Control Protocol (LCP) in the session phase. A higher QoS level for these frames can help to minimise the number of dropped sessions in a congested network with PPPoE.

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System Release 670-02-60 does not support the TDM service using the Network Indoor Unit (NIDU). To operate a link with the NIDU, please continue to use 670-02-50. See also Problema con TDM PTP 670

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