Taking payments with Guest Access Portals

Anyone got this to work?  I've tried paypal & IPPay, both fail with errors.  Paypal takes your money and then doesn't let you online, IPPay just fails and doesn't let you on.  I've spent hours on the phone with IPPay, and the entire morning with PayPal trying to get it working.  Just spent 10 minutes on the phone with Cambium Support and I've got to give them a server dump and all this other stuff. 

Are there any successful deployments out there, and are there any tricks you guys can suggest to make this work?

Hello, I have customers that are running this configuration right now.  Did you follow the instructions from these links?  http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnMaestro/Configuring-Paid-Internet-on-CnMaestro-using-Paypal/m-p/73598#M61


The IPPay one I followed with the help of IPPay but that did not function, so I tried PayPal. The PayPal document is completely out of date.  Since they changed their page a month or so ago, so nothing is where it says it is.  I did find all the information and get it in there, with no success.  I am currently working with a cambium support tech to try and get the issues resolved.

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