Template for R201 SIP registration similar to Grandstream 8XX or Cisco 11X series

I am new to this device and am attempting to get my first R201 to work with my VoIP provider. Currently they only support Grandstream 5XX/7XX/8XX and Cisco 11X ATA's. I have managed to get the R201 registered and can receive calls but cannot get outbound to work. CDR captures show that the call attempt is made but that the SIP provider fails the call attempt. Similar attempts using a GS501 process fine.

I am on the current rev of software for the R201 and am wondering if anyone has a config template that is similar to the above devices that could be pushed to get outbound functioning.

ProductClass:cnPilot R201

<Wed Feb 14 13:37:50 2018> ipphone[18864]: 0 Register OK expires= 20
<Wed Feb 14 13:37:59 2018> ipphone[18848]: Outgoing call[0,1] to (called number : 1812760xxxx)
<Wed Feb 14 13:37:59 2018> ipphone[18737]: code_type=0 decode_type=0 vad=0 plc=1 agc=0 nsx=0
<Wed Feb 14 13:37:59 2018> ipphone[18848]: Call is established with [1812760xxxx]
<Wed Feb 14 13:38:00 2018> ipphone[18851]: snd_data_to_dsp start
<Wed Feb 14 13:38:07 2018> ipphone[18741]: channel=0, ON_HOOK
<Wed Feb 14 13:38:08 2018> ipphone[18848]: call with [][1812760xxxx] end
<Wed Feb 14 13:38:09 2018> ipphone[18849]: Close RtpChan(0 1)
<Wed Feb 14 13:38:10 2018> ipphone[18864]: 0 Register OK expires= 21

Any help would be appreciated

As a side note I received the following from my sip providers engineer:

My guess is that they did not receive any of the ringing messages and timed out after the 3.5 seconds ( I bet that their timeout setting is somewhere around 3 seconds).

After that their UA cancels the call – most likely due to timeout because it never received the ringing messages. One thing you can try is to ask them to enable PRACK on their device. 

In typical fashion they blame my firewall however the outbound issue follows the device from network to network so highly unlikely its a firewall issue.

Do you care to share your provider?  I'm looking at the R201 for installs and use Momentum as voice provider.

Please  share the device  configuration  and the packet capture of WAN Interface of the device during  outbound/outgoing  call(Email ID: niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com)

 Please refer below KB.