"test" option for cnmatrix switches

Can we get a “test” button for Cnmatrix switches that allows us to verify a config before applying it? In the networking world its nice to have a fallback feature that can revert changes in the event of misconfiguration. Netonix, Mikrotik, and UI all have nice implementations of this.


Maybe this will help?

It can be a life saver

In addition to the above, if a Switch is managed by cnMaestro and a ‘bad’ configuration is pushed that causes the Switch to lose network connectivity to cnMaestro, after a small period of time, the Switch will automatically reboot and revert to its last known working configuration, giving you access again.

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Thank you for replying! Can you elaborate a bit more on how this works? If I make a config change from Cnmaestro to a switch, the switch will revert to the previous config if it no longer detects a connection to Cnmaestro? Do you know how long that revert timer is?

Hi JoeG,

That’s correct. The switch will automatically reboot and revert to the last working configuration after about 15 mins since the config push. You can also run the command ‘reload’ to schedule a faster reboot rather than wait for 15 min expiration. With the scheduled reload the switch will reboot automatically, unless the reload is cancelled before the expiration. You can issue and cancel the reload command using the Remote CLI tool in cnMaestro. Let me know if you want to use the reload.

It would be great if this was visible somewhere. I actually ran into configuration issues and did not realize there was an automatic revert timer in there. A countdown on Cnmaestro and the switch would be nice to have.