Trying to bridge a R201 - missing buttons on GUI

Hi! I try to bridge the WAN and the LAN on a R201, and on the GUI help under "Network - LAN" it says:
PC Port(LAN):NAT - The product will be same as a router.
Bridge - The LAN port is same as the WAN port.

But there is nowhere to set these values in the GUI. We want to use the R201 to get IP from DHCP on WAN so it calls home to cnMaestro, and the LAN and WLAN to be bridged with the WAN port.

Please follow the steps given in the below link, to make R201 to get DHCP IP on WAN side and to make "LAN and WLAN" traffic to be bridged with the WAN port.

Note: As shown in pic 2, respective LAN ports and WLAN's should be binded, whichever need to be bridged to WAN port.