Trying to make sense of 3000 MU Grouping on this AP

So we just installed a new 3000AP with Cambium 3000Sector. The picture below has pink dots for each F300 radio and the last pair of the MAC (shown in 2nd picture). The red lines are every 10° so for example D5 is about 50° from 88. The thing that I’m not understanding is how is 3D groupable with all 5 of the other F300’s and not one of them is groupable with anything other than 3D. Really it seems if one was going to be groupable everyone then it would be 88 , well maybe not 1B.

Just trying to make sense of the grouping here

Edit: D5 is about 50° from 88 not 25.

Good question! I will discuss it with development team.
At the same time could you PM me a tech support from this AP?

For the shown CPE positions 3D that natural (you use cambiums 4x4 antenna with ~35 deg grouping angle), EB and 07 are ~17 deg, D5 ~25 deg, 88 and 1B~30deg. Everything fits.

For others, it is a bad position

The bad thing is you can’t change the grouping angle on the 4x4 cambium antenna because the axial distance between the 2x(2x2) antennas is fixed.

That’s the reason why there was a call for test-users for this antenna with a changeable (optimizable) axial distance (last video)

you can play around with the frequency and axial distance on this link, important is the position of the zero (-40 dB). For example 5800 MHz frequency with 2 elements (2 x (2x2 antenna)) and axial spacing 60mm (play with the phase delay to see the beam steering)