Good Day Cambium Team,

I trust you are doing well. 

Do you have any plans to elevate the latest UBNT firmware or do you think it will not be possible due to certain certification ect. ? I have attempted several different ways and even types of firmware. I've tried flashing ePMP firmware, it gets uploaded, but the lights start flashing abnormally and then reboots to recovery mode.

I've bricked a UBNT running 6.2.0 by following people's advice on the DD-WRT forum. It seems the DD-WRT firmware is able to upload better than open-wrt and epmp, but I am not able to login in to the DD-WRT elevated radio to test my theory.

I no longer struggle with MikroTik elevates, after several failures and using different methods, I've mastered it to elevate in seconds without needing to change firmware as recommended. Do you have any plans to elevate MikroTik Groove Radios?

Have you tried rolling back to unsigned ubnt firmware? Take a look at this post HERE.

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Hi Eric, I have tried it, but unfortunately the 2018/2019 UBNT devices does't support downgrade to 6.0.6 beta or any other versions.

UBNT doesn’t like that elevate stuff ;D

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I wonder what's happening / happened with that silly lawsuit..

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@Daniel Jordaan wrote:

Hi Eric, I have tried it, but unfortunately the 2018/2019 UBNT devices does't support downgrade to 6.0.6 beta or any other versions.

I haven't tried this - but I thought there was a TFTP Firmware Recovery process, which could (I though) allow you to restore firmware if it was corrupted.. and I thouight that could be used to get an older firmware onto a UBNT device.  Again - just guessing since I haven't done it. :) 

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You are correct about TFTP and under normal circumstances it worked quite well. I have elevated and repaired many radios with that process. I am able to TFTP any firmware from 6.1.2 to latest back to the radio and radio will work as desired, but once I put any firmware earlier than 6.1.x the radio boots up and once you login, you get a messege that the chipset is faulty and you need to replace the radio. Unfortunately flashing a radio to ePMP, it needs to run 6.0.4 or earlier, but new radios don’t support this firmware on their chipsets.

You can successfully elevate ubnt gear released prior to 2018. There was a large case between UBNT and ePMP in which there were lawsuits because ePMP is “Hijacking” the opposition hardware with software engineering.

I believe that UBNT has increased their security policies on the new hardware chipsets after the conclusion of said lawsuit, but I’m sure cambium will attempt to break UBNT’s firmware lock.

TFTP is quite simple and with enough practice and research you get a handful of abilities to load firmwares on bricked radios. I’ve managed to unbrick a Force 200 radio which failed a upgrade in a strange manner. Luckily ePMP devices boot into bootp mode on it’s own.

I hope MikroTik doesn’t get to a point where you cant flash it, but I don’t think they’ll fix it soon. After trial and error it’s easier to elevate Tik than UBNT, but that’s my opinion and I can only imagine the difficulty level it was to write the initial script / firmware to flash it.