Unable to access Force 200

I need help…got two new Force 200 but am unable to access them. Have tried resetting but still stuck. Funnily even if i connect to a switch the ethernet LED on switch doesnt come on meaning there is no signal its receiving but on the device both the power and ETH LED are ON.


You can try to recover FW from TFTP.

Thank you.

no link light on a switch tells you all you need to know
change one at a time:

  1. the power supply (you have two so use one then the other, give the radio 3mins to boot up before swapping the power supplies)
  2. the power supply to radio ethernet cable, make sure you use a good high quality cable thats pinned straight through. match the ends to make sure they are color for color matching.
  3. the power supply to switch cable, same as the radio cable
  4. did you set a vlan? if so then you need a vlan aware switch and the port in question must be set to trunk mode. be aware that some switches do not turn the port light on until the port is properly set and the hold-off timers for the port have expired. Cisco c3750G do this and can take a few minutes to enable a port.
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