Unable to connect F425 at 6GHz

I have the same issue when change frequency from 4900MHz to range of 6000MHz (country: other). I found the transmit power at AP is reduced from 30 dBm or 1W (freq: 4900MHz) to be 23 dBm or 0.2W (freq: 6000).
I tried to use LinkPlanner 5.6.8 to check F425 with Lower 6GHz but seems it was unable to select.
I think the frequency and spectrum for my case with 312m might be causing SM is unreachable to AP once I modify to Lower 6 GHz.
Please expert advise & Thank you

Hello @Tanyarit_Pantarawong, could you provide some screenshot of frequency list you have? And which FW is it? Normally F425 should not work on 6GHz

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We would be happy to take a look into that issue if you could send Tech Support Files to us.

Hello everyone… My problem was solved. I only change my F425 with a new one. Thanks