Unknow problem with Force 300-25

I have a strange condition with one of the Force 300-25 antennas. Every time cnMaestro tries to upgrade, it hangs up. The antenna works in Bridge mode with another 300-25. Today again when I try to upload to the old version 4.6-rc29 the same thing happened.
The system woke up after restarting the power from the backup partition to soft 4.5.6.

In addition, the antenna does not allow any password, and when logging in you can see a red text above the login field: “Internal error”
The system works, the only thing that is strange is that every hour there is an entry in the logs:

Feb 11 19:51:06 F300-25_Szkola_Jastrzebia miniupnpd [5390]: ioctl (s, SIOCGIFADDR, …): Cannot assign requested address
Feb 11 7:51:06 PM F300-25_Szkola_Jastrzebia miniupnpd [5390]: Failed to get IP for interface ath0
Feb 11 19:51:06 F300-25_School_Jastrzebia miniupnpd [5390]: PCPSendUnsolicitedAnnounce () IPv6 sendto (): Bad file descriptor
Feb 11 19:51:06 F300-25_School_Jastrzebia miniupnpd [5390]: PCPSendUnsolicitedAnnounce () IPv6 sendto (): Bad file descriptor

It is also impossible to change the password, upload the template with the password configuration from a twin antenna :frowning:
I am attaching the latest technical dump.(change extension zip to gz)ePMP_Force_300-25-2ACC7F_1613069847140.zip (160.2 KB)
Please help me, Should I report RMA or is there any way around this problem?

I had similar issue when I updated 2 Force 300 25 in PTP mode… used maestro and upgraded firmware from 4.6 RC35 to 4.6, master timed out and it would not come back online and it took a physical reboot to get it back up and running(truck roll unfortunately).

Let me check the Tech Support File and revert to you tomorrow.

Thank you.

I just mounted a couple of force 300 25dbi in a ptp update to version 4.6 and had many problems I lowered the version to 4.5.6 and it is going great, hopefully they continue like this


Is the device still in that state?
Would it be possible to provide remote access to it, please?

Thank you.

It is still working, but problem dosen’t resolved.
One very important think is that we could login via SSH, via GUI still error.
Access possible via anydesk moday morning. Will be ok ?

Yes, Monday and Anydesk would work perfect for us.
It’s good news that ssh access works.

Thank you.

Today @Fedor helped solve the problem :+1: :clap:
It was located on the side of the local network in which DHCP 66 got lost.
The antenna caught this signal and, speaking briefly, It couldn’t quite do something.
20 minutes of work and the antenna is fixed!
Thank you @Fedro, I must admit that a super professional approach and a quick response. Thank you again !