Upgrade cnMatrix switch through TFTP server from CLI/GUI


This document explains the requirement and configuration required to upgrade cnMatrix Switches to the latest software version through the TFTP server.


This document explains how to upgrade cnMatrix Switch through the TFTP server.


Upgrade through CLI:

Step 1: Download the latest software file (cnMatrix-EX2K-2.1.2-r1.img/tar.gz) from the cambium support site (https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/cnmatrix/).

Note: If the cnMatrix switch current version is older than 2.1-r5 then you need to download .img file for the upgrade. If the switch is running on 2.1-r5 and wants to upgrade to the latest software version then you need to use tar.gz file extension.

Disable windows firewall and antivirus settings on the laptop/desktop during this process because sometimes it interrupts the communication between switch and TFTP server.

Step 2: Setup TFTP server on PC and check network connectivity between switch and PC using ping:


## In my example I have used the Tftpd64 application for TFTP server.


You need to select a PC interface that communicates to the network/management IP of cnMatrix along with the directory where you have stored the software file.

Step 3: SSH the switch using management/network IP followed by admin credentials and run below command:

Download agent tftp://<PC interface IP>/<complete software filename>


Step 4: After the successful download, Reboot the Switch to load the new image.

Step 5: After the successful reboot, please check the software version by using the command “show system information” on the switch.

Upgrade through GUI:

Follow Step 1 and Step 2:

Step 3: Log into the web GUI of the cnMatrix switch using the network/management IP address and enter the Username and Password.

Note: Default IP on the Switch Management port is and by default, only HTTPs access is enabled for web access.

Step 4:  Click on System >>> Software Upgrade select the Upgrade from as TFTP, enter Server IP Address (which is laptop interface IP address) and File Name as shown in the figure below:

## After the necessary settings, click the Apply button.

You can check the download process on the TFTP server:


Step 5: After the successful download, Reboot the Switch to load the new image.


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