Upgrade for PMP100 900MHz

We're in rural, hilly SE Ohio.  As much as we'd like it to be different, our bread and butter is currently the PMP100's in the 900MHz flavor.  So many trees and hills, and no density of population.  Is Cambium working on anything to replace the 900MHz in the PMP100 series?  Even our base customers, whom we have on the 900's are demanding more and more bandwidth.  And we just can't give it to them using the PMP100's.  What is everyone else doing? 


Dave Hannum

New Era Broadband


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Check out the idea at http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/Your-Ideas/EPMP-1000-802-11ah-900mhz/idi-p/36568 and let us know what you think - kudo it if you like the idea or add your comments to the discussion. Also, we recently did a survey of WISPs on 900 MHz spectrum use and we will be sharing the results soon.

Yes, I am anxiously waiting results to be posted! Long live 900Mhz!