Upgrade SMs using cnMaestro

Hi experts,

I would like to know how can I upgrade all SMs from a version to another. If I have all connected to cnMaestro it should be a place where I can select all the SMs I need to upgrade and select the target version, but don’t know how to do that.



I can only speak for my experience with cnMaestro Cloud… but currently there is not a way to bulk select SM’s on a specific version. Only AP’s, with the additional option to select the connected SM’s.

I did just submit a feature request (cnMaestro SM Software Filtering and Selecting for Upgrades).

It can be a bit tough to track down rogue SM’s on older software after bulk upgrades.


Hello Icalderon113,

It is so easy to do this.
Just go to your cnMaestro account tree, select default, click on the 3 dots on the far right of the selection and click on update software. Then you can choose the version you want to upgrade to as well as choose all the SM’s and AP’s you want to upgrade the apply.
All chosen SM’s willl be upgraded as requested.
It is so easy to do this.

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As a follow up to this… any SM’s that are not reachable at the time of a batch update will be marked for update when they do become reachable. If you go to an offline SM that was party of a batch update and you hover your mouse cursor over the little box with arrow, a pop up will appear with the pending target upgrade version.


I will explain what I need. I have update most of the PMP network from version 16 to 20. But there are some SM that I need to detect to update.

I want to filter by SM version, list only the SMs that are in a specific software version. The way you indicate is to filter by AP version.



Hello Icalderon113,

This also works for the SM.
When you get to the stage where you can see the AP’s, there is a checkbox to include SM’s. Then you can expand each AP in the job to choose the SM’s you need.

This works.

In my opinion, cambium should make a report available for everyone in cnmaestro to track down these SMs.

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There is… click on the Inventory button, then click on system (or the site), then search for the firmware revision you’d like.

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You can get a list of these SMs with a two step process.

In the System level Software Update tab take note of the versions listed in the Versions graphic at the top right.

Navigate to the Inventory view by clicking the stack of documents icon on the left-hand menu. Click the icon next to the Type column title and filter by PMP SM or whatever device type you’re searching for. Click the icon next to the Active S/W Version column title and enter a version value noted from the Software Update page. You can use a partial value. i.e. “21” will show both 21.0 and 21.1.

The page will be filtered to SMs that match the specific software version. The view can be exported using the Export button at the top right.

Repeat for each version not matching the target version.

But you can not upgrade all of them there. You have to upgrade one by one…

You can not filter by SM software version to upgrade the only you need…

You don’t… assuming that the radios that were offline or unreachable by cnMaestro were in the original firmware upgrade job… as mentioned, they’ll be marked as needing to be upgraded, and will be upgraded, automatically, when they connect to cnMaestro.

It will be easier to filter some place by SM software version to select and upgrade all them in 1 upgrade job.


While I do agree in general, that it would be nice to be able to have a software upgrade page you could filter based on firmware revision… it’s a little bit moot since Cambium implemented two different features… 1. the ability to upgrade newly onboarded radios to a target firmware automatically and 2. the ability to upgrade an offline radio’s firmware to a target revision when it comes back online.

You can always go through and select an entire AP, or site, or the entire system and upgrade everything over again, and it will only upgrade those radios that don’t already have the target firmware… and again, those radios that are offline, will be marked for automatic update when they connect back up to cnMaestro.

You need to manually choose those you want to upgrade.
The versions appear by each device

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The automatic update feature for onboarded and offline radios is handy. However, most of the radios I have come across were online when upgrades were happening and just didn’t take the upgrade for whatever reason so weren’t marked to automatic update.

Given… it’s a small percentage of the entire network, it still ends up being quite a few in a larger network.