Uplink Frame Time

Got a question.

Scenario:  We have an ePMP1000 5ghz AP, 5810mhz, 20mhz wide, 75/25 ratio, 5ms, sync from GPS.

One client connected to it, provisioned for 4mbps down and 1mbps up.  Customer has 23dB SNR downlink, 27dB SNR uplink.  Customer over the past 24 hours has not exceeded 100kbps uplink usage, most of the time it's at zero.

Yet the AP reports "Total Frame Time Used: 82.6%" for uplink. (seems to vary between 81% and 84%)

Another AP has four clients, all provisioned 4/1, none hammering their connection, and the sector reports 100% uplink frame time used at all times, while showing 2.1%-2.8% downlink frame time used.  In fact, every ePMP AP I looked at seems to indicate uplink frame time usage about 100x the level I'd expect.

WTF?  Is this being miscalculated, or misprinted?  There's no logical explanation I can find as to why the uplink would show saturated when it shouldn't be at all possible.



I think there is still a bug with the reporting of that stat (http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-1000/Frame-Utilization-Glitch-ePMP1000-AP/m-p/44789#M3461).


I think there is indeed.  Any expectation when we can see it resolved?  Following that chain of posts led to a statement from early September last year that it would be addressed in a future update.


I don't have a time frame for the fix, as the implementation is not as straight forward as we thought. Sorry about that.