Use of Solar Panel to power e700, f300, e500 Cambium equipment?


Looking for experiences and recommendations on the use of solar panel to ponel cambium outdoor equipment and mostly Access Points.  Regards

I would suggest posting in the relevant sub-forum's, you'd have better luck there, and not the cnMaestro section.

Specifically on the AP's; have you looked at this thread?

One thing to note, the F300 is a different voltage to the E500/700, so you may need a slightly different solution between them. The F300 will use 30V, although it does go down to 24V which is probably what you will have on solar. The AP's you mentioned would be running on 48V.

Be careful on F300 and running DC power to know which version you have. The original batches only ran on Canopy pin-outs, but the newer models can use Canopy or standard pins. You can check the below thread to figure out what you have.