User limit?

I have an admin user account, and two more users-so a total of 3. I can't add another user.

I hadn't seen any restriction in the documentation so far. I'm using On-Premise 1.2.0-r1.


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Hi ,

The user limit is 3 users only in the cnMaestro server . Hence you are getting this error message and it is expected



When can we expect more users to be allowed, or what do I need to do get more users?


Agreed, 3 users is NOT enough for the way we would use cnMaestro.  We'd need at least 5-6 to organize things usefully.


We have many networks of different clients .

They want to have access but only in their own network.

It would be useful to be able to select in which networks will have access each account.

And i agree that the total of three is not enough.

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I agree with the other users, a limit of 3 admin accounts is too limited - it is useful to track which technician has made changes, rather than having multiple individuals share the same login information.

This user limitation is an important problem us, we are working with lot of engineers and we need more users.

Please address the user limit in the next version!


We will be bumping up the administrators limit from 3 to 10 as part of upcoming On-Premises release on Friday(02-Dec). We are working on same to increase in cloud as well.



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Agree, more admin/user accounts required.

A lot more especialliy if you are a WISP with 10000+ clients like us.

The web interface states "Up to three administrators can manage an account." How many users can manage an account?

That statement would make more sense to say "Up to ten USERS can manage an account" after the limit is increased.

Really it would make more sense if all menu headings were changed to "Manage Users" rather than "Manage Administrators"

Thank you for upping the limit.  We have several people using this and we'd like an audit trail as to who does what.  I'm sure features like this are in the pipeline down the road.  I can see greatness in this program going forward!

Just a quick note that cnMaestro version 1.3.0 has updated the users supported from 3 to 10. 

This is available on all cloud accounts as well as on the latest version of On-Premises.

10 users is not enough still on prem.  Why is there even a limit, and can we expect eitehr radius authentication or TACACS to be coming in the future?

The ability to limit networks for users is big too.

Tacacs and radius authentication is going to be released for On-Premises in 1.6.0

When can we expect the user limit to be lifted?

Overall, I am a little upset with the limitations that are going on. I read recently that On-Premises might be restricted to 2000 devices ( I've never heard of that restriction before, and I'd like to think I keep tabs on Maestro news pretty well.

We've definitely spent tons of time getting our system up, and learning how to use it, getting 1000 devices in there etc, and all the while not really knowing what the actual expsense is going to be down the road. 

Sorry for the rant! The system is coming along nicely, and I realize it's a little tough to predict something's future cost of development and ongoing value.