Using CNUT to perform mass SM settings update

Hello there, I'm needing to find a way to use CNUT, or perhaps another Cambium tool, to update all my SM's to support the newly released 15MHz channel width, and to make sure all available channels are checked. What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

We have a 'config' script that's sent to SM's once a customer first signs on.  We modified the script and sent it out to enable 30MHz channel sizes for a particular tower.  Going froward we program the SM's to have our preferred channel size/freq config.

That's a good trick for setting it on new customers... but what do you do for a thousand SM's already deployed?


cnMaestro can push a partial config to all SMs in one shot. See for an example of using partial config push for mass password change.

I need assistance creating a config template for Maestro to change the color code on subscribers.  What I currently have created keeps failing.


“colorCodeList”: [
“colorCode”: 211,
“priority”: 1
“swVersion”: “CANOPY SM-DES”,
“cfgFileString”: “Canopy configuration file”,
“cfgFileVersion”: “1.0”

got it working with this

	"userParameters": {
	"smRadioConfig": {
		"colorCodeList": [{
			"colorCode": 211,
			"priority": 1
		"bandwidthScanList": [
"cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
"cfgFileVersion": "1.0"



Great job Kevin... thanks for sharing this for others.

It seems like there is a bug or something not right when trying to roll out config files to multiple sm's on maestro cloud. Selecting All and then starting the job only completes the job on the first page from the list of sm's in maestro. You have to go back in, navigate to the second page, select those 15, run the job, and repeat for however many sm's you have. Hope that makes sense.


Your explanation is clear.  In order to help us investigate this, can you clarify the following.

Can you navigate to Configuration --> Configuration Jobs, find the particular job, click on the "Show More Details" item to expand and show all of the devices in the list.  If theare are a lot of devices in the list, capture screenshots of just the first two pages.  Please email to



I've cleared everything already but tomorrow morning I will be running the scripts again and will get you the details you need. Thanks!


Are you able to select all devices by clicking through each page and clicking the select all checkbox for each page?  We made a change for the next release to select all devices on all pages when the select all checkbox is checked.  Before only the current page would be selected.  I think that is what you are seeing here in version 1.3.0-r4 .

By going though all pages and checking select-all you'll be able to create a single job instead running multiple jobs, one per page, as a temporary work around until the next update.


While walking through this with Emilio we were able to reproduce what we think you're experiencing.  Specifically for SMs expanded out from an AP clicking Select All SMs will only include the first page in the job when it is created.  Going through the other pages will show devices selected but not include them in the count initially.  The select all checkbox will also be unchecked.  My previous post focused on the top level pages, not the SM pages.

We are investigating this as a separate issue and will work on getting this fixed.

As a work around, we found that navigating to a page in the list of SMs twice got the SMs to be included in the job.  So just page through all pages twice before creating the job. 

The devices selected counts at the top and bottom of the page should reflect how many devices will be included in the job when you create it.  You can see that this number is updates as you page through the SMs.

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Thats exactly what I figured out this morning. Just navigate back and forth on the pages til your scheduled jobs equal up to the subcriber count. Worked perfectly after that and not too big of a hassle. Definitely easier than manually selecting them 15 at a time lol. Thanks for your help!

Good morning, could you send me the script to add the 30Mhz channel? Is it possible to import it on CNUT?