Using the 450I as both root and client in a mesh?

Can the 450i access point serve as both the root and client in an outdoor PMP setup?  Or will it need different model to serve as the root, or uplink, side of the network?


Can you elaborate on your setup and what you're trying to accomplish? The PMP450 is a proprietary PMP platform based on an FPGA chipset and not WiFi chipset. Were you thinking of deploying it in a WiFi mesh toplogy? If you need WiFi meshing you can look at our cnPilot outdoor E5xx/7xx product lines instead. Those are WiFi devices that are capable of meshing. 

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My company may be connecting a few remote buldings to our main network that we cannot reach with fiber due to them being across a public road.  I've verified that we have install points on the buildings and a clear line of site between the buildings.  Link Planner shows the distance at about 50ft & the specs on the 450i seem to be what we need.  But I'm trying to verify if the PMP 450i can be configured to serve as both a root node and client (or remote) nodes.  Thanks.

The PMP 450i AP (access point) can be configured as an AP or as a SM (subscriber module).  A subscriber module which connects to the AP is less expensive cannot be configured as an AP.  

Hello, while traditional Wi-Fi mesh would be able to connect these buildings together (Root/Non-Root bridges), a PMP (Point to MultiPoint) setup would offer much more robust connections and functionality (e.g. dedicating unequal bandwidth to each endpoint (SM - subscriber module)).  Good options for you are the PMP450i series or ePMP3000 series.  If there is a small number of end points, you may consider dedicated PTP (Point to Point) links, as you can offer much more bandwidth than a PMP setup.  If you go PTP, there are much more options, with data ranges from Mbps to Gbps.  I would recommend reaching out to your local Cambium Networks Account team for help determining the best options.

The nomenclature that we use for a fixed wireless PMP setup is AP (Access Point, comparable to a root bridge in WiFi) and SM (Subscriber Module, comparable to a non-root bridge in WiFi).  As Dave points out, the models for an AP and SM are the same (PMP450i), but there are separate part numbers for AP's versus SM's, and an AP cannot become an SM and vice versa.

Lots of good information here:

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