V3000 enable Onboard E2E

Hello, I will install new PTP link between 2 v3000, like suggest I upgrade last release 1.3.3, when try enable Onboard E2E v3000 not reboot, webpage has waiting logo, if I try open new page I can see enabled E2E but I can’t find any configuration like DN, also receive back error message “can’t fatch configuration”.
I try reboot but not fix.
Have you any suggestion ?



Hi Matteo,
I would request you to download and share the field diags of v3000, further which I can share engineering comments.

Can you ensure site name, node names that you have configured are not having space as part of their string.

In parallel, can you take a look at below 12 mins video - that clearly explains to successfully bringup PTP link using two V3000 nodes.


Note: If you still need assistance, please reachout to me (prasanna.tm@cambiumnetworks.com).


Hello, I done factory default, enable again E2E without change anythings, and now it works fine.
Great !!, thanks


Hello Matteo,

I’m glad the factory default got you back in to a working state, but I’m surprised the upgrade put you in an odd state.

Could you explain what condition the units where in before you upgraded, had you been using these in the lab or configuring these before hand. I’ll have the team try to reproduce the fault but knowing the state would be useful.

BTW to setup a PTP link, whether it’s a V3000, V2000 or V1000 an easy way to do this is use the Quick PTP setup option.

All you need is the ESN of the client end, login to the radio that will become the controller and go to Tools > Quick PTP Setup and enter the ESN (MAC address) of the other radio.

Then hit the “Start PTP SetUp” button.

Once the radio reboots it will automatically do the following:

Enable the E2E controller
Enable Layer 2 bridging
Create the Client information and Create the Site / Nodes / link (you can edit these later)
Once you power up the Client (no configuration needed) the link will be formed and the configuration downloaded from the controller.

The Controller will have the default IP address and the Client, of course you can change these once the link is up.

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Hello, I think probem is change site name during enable E2E controller, I will do without change any and it works fine, I change details after it enabled.