V5000 failure after 1.2 upgrade

Just posting to see if anyone else has this happen. We have a support ticket open but no info yet.

Upgraded a V5000 from 1.2-beta4 to 1.2 via cnMaestro. V5000 came back up after the reboot and sector 1 would not work at all. In addition, the V5000 would now reboot every ~10 minutes. When I looked at the RF status page in the V5000, it shows GPS fix for sector 2 and a channel number for sector 2 but everything was blank for sector 1.

I rebooted, I downgraded back to 1.2-beta4, I upgraded to 1.2, I removed links and re-added links on sector 1. Nothing fixed it and it continued to reboot every 10 minutes no matter what firmware we put on it.

I finally swapped out the V5000 with a spare after messing with it for about 90 minutes. We were never able to see a single ignition attempt on sector 1 and it looked like that sector was dead.

We had upgraded this same V5000 before from 1.1 to 1.2-beta3 and then beta4 with no issues in the past. The only difference is this time, it was scheduled to upgrade early in the morning and it was 2 degrees F outside at the time of the upgrade. The V3000 clients all took the upgrade fine.

I am about to do same upgrade and just stopped it after reading your post. Could you please share reply to your ticket, when you will have any ?


Did you ever get a resolution on this issue?

Still running 1.2-beta3 here and nervous to make the upgrade.

Anyone else had experience, either good or bad moving from 1.2-beta3 to 1.2?

We RMAd the unit. Didn’t hear what they found. My money was on temperature related. The upgrade ran when it was very very cold outside. I think some temp sensor kept that sector from firing up. But that’s just a guess.

I’m sure our support will be getting back to you (AU) on the root cause of your troubled node (sorry to hear that happend), although I’d be more suspect to believe it was somewhat coincidental that that one node had the failure after the upgrade. if it was truly temp related, then there was likely an issue pre-existing waiting to happen. Anyway, we’ve had 100s (if not 1000s) of customer devices upgrade to 1.2 without any similar node failures.

That all said, we are looking to release our 1.2.1 SW within a few days which includes a few maintenance bug fixes (e.g. SSH lockout, Onboard E2E initial setup steps; etc.) that might be worth waiting a few days for if your not in a hurry to get to 1.2 official … really your call…



Wowsa, I had the ten minute reboot cycle as well with virtually no other similarity.

I believe FW 1.2.1 that was just released might address this. I have not upgraded yet…