Variable watchdog IP

Hello all,

We are trying to set up watchdog with a variable IP. We recently set watchdog, by way of a script, with IP being a single IP (cnmaestro on premises IP). The action was set to reboot. When our on premises server got an issue, radios randomly started rebooting following watchdog rule.

The plan is to set watchdog IP to be same as management gateway lP on each radio. So far we haven’t been able to get a working script to push this as a configuration change via cnmaestro. Has anyone been able to successfully do this? We have over 6000 radios on the network. Manual device-by-device configuration can’t really work for us.

Hi @oejfsodjfjsoid,

I suggest posting this to the respective product forum for help with getting the configuration setting(s) to use that can be pushed from cnMaestro.

Closing this topic as it has been reposted as a feature request here: