Ver 8.0

Is this the month of November?
AH… Where is verion 8.0?


Do you upgrade clients/aps as soon as newer versions come out or do you sandbox it for awhile with some test equipment? It’s a scary thought upgrading equipment blindly incase there is some unforseen issue.

Normally I wait a couople of months. However, 8.0 will have been very very well rung out when it’s released, that’s why it’s delayed.

I’ll probably roll it out within a couple of weeks of release on a couple of AP’s with mostly residential users on it, then roll out the rest after a week or two.

I am confident that it will be stable.

I’m still waiting for them to release the user guide, they said during the september webinar would be on the site by mid-october, and that version 8 would be out the week following.

I’m starting to wonder if this version is ever going to go to stable or if it will stay in the beta stage until version 9 comes into test.

It’s going to be a Christmas present from Mot to all of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Remembers threads like this about Version 6.0

We spend alot of $$$ for Motorola to get things right. We are also in anticipation of a stable product. The Canopy line has NOT been a stable product. Unfortunately once you purchase so much equipment from one source, you are sort of stuck with it. At any rate, Motorola i’m sure has realized this since the very first versions of firmware. We have been trying to make the best of things.

According to the last Sept 06 webinar, version 8.0.1 was to be out by the 15th of October. We are hopeing that the changes are MAJOR ones, and not just graphical. If the purchase of Orthogon Systems has in some way added previously unavailable technology to canopy, then we should see improvements. It would be extremely nice to see a complete over haul of how it operates. Stability, Range, bandwidth increase are needed.

So please Motorola Canopy Wireless, help us to stay competitive!!!

The Canopy line has NOT been a stable product.

Any chance you can elaborate on this?

Our experience has been completely different. I am constantly amazed at the stability, reliability, and performance of the Canopy product.

I agree, Canopy has been very stable for us too. Most of our problems were and are due to lack of understanding or our own mistakes. It has been a long learning curve but we have an extremely stable network

WoW Im always amazed with people’s openions on good equipment. We are in the radio business. One of only 2 authorized Motorola service centers in the state of NM. Our Canopy wireless network covers all of south east NM. We also are dealers of every major radio brand on the market and I can say Motorola is on top, and no I wont get a kick back for saying it. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of good brands out their, and Canopy does have issues, but if you’re Canopy system is not stable it’s not Moto’s fault it’s your’s. People keep saying this is better, that is better, you know what I say? Put up or shut up. If you can find a better product post it. Ill buy it. Nobody ever does. I will agree that regardless of any bug they have to work out it has taken way too long. I will still keep going on 7.3.6, and still provide better service then any other provider in my area with no intention of jumping ship even if Moto bought all the equipment back. I can’t see why they can’t have a major release and then a minor one to fix the issues when they solve them. As for the Ortho purchase maybe future hardware but thats a whole diffarent animal.

No offense to citescapeLLC im not judging or directing this at him directly even though it may sound that way.

totally agree with attitude.

The purchase orthogon is for other long term strategic reasons. I know Orthogon guys very well, I spent some time with them in the UK and this purchase is part of a long term strategy, where Orthogon is going to play one part.

Where moto exceed anyone else in the market is the PtMP (point to multipoint), there are many point to point products out there that can be argued to be better in some respects, but when it comes to PMP and robustness, MOT product is way out there.

Our biggest competitor uses Alvarion, and we kick there backsides all day long…

I have had very good luck with Motorola’s Canopy product as well. The only complaint I have is that of the continued delay’s. We have had very minor issues with Motorola’s product, mostly due to manufacturer defects. I just wish I could get an honest time frame when the software would be released. I was very excited when Motorola promised the new features back in February of this year. So excited in fact, I went and told my management about all the new exciting things Motorola had coming our way. I got myself in trouble with them for not being able to predict when the release would be here.

Again, I want to say thank you to Motorola for designing the product. I would just like see an actual release date. If it’s a year in the future, I can deal with that. Just don’t get my hopes up, and then dash them time and time again. We don’t do that to our customers, and I think its poor for a company like Motorola to do that to us.

Yes I agree with all of you about the improvments in stability. We have been using the Canopy 900mhz system ever since it came out, and yes it has improved. But in dealing with all of the bugs and things over the years, I think we have justification in saying that we would like a more stable firmware in the units.

If you are covering areas that are not prone to other 900 interference issues, and live in the flat plaines of North Dakota, you will not have any problems, and the system will play for miles.

We are not the source of the problems we are seeing in the equipment, and Motorola at all levels has said such.

We look forward to improvements!

Again, what specific problems are you having? My 900’s are ROCK solid.

If you can specifically list your issues, I suspect that with enough time we will be able to determine if you have valid problems or unrealistic expectations.

We are only about 40 miles from CitiScape. I would geuss the noise floor in St. Cloud, MN is through the roof.

Our 900 runs very well, we have one town with 20 900 Sectors Running great…thank God for GPS Sync…

I will say that canopy has a learning curve, and should really document with all the stats mean in “Expanded Stats” as i think they have a lot of info there to help find problems.

There are very different points of view here, but let me add my 2 cents…

When we started using Canopy radios, we were a very small ISP trying to make a living, now a year and a half later, we service 16 cities in Colombia with internet services and (here is the bragging part) we provide las mile services to the BIG carriers down here; and of course 99% of our wireless equipment is Canopy.
We curretly have over 500 SM’s in production.

You just have to get to know the hardware that you are using, be aware of its limitations and deal with it.

In my humble opinion Canopy Rocks!!!

Our Canopy network kicks the ass out of another “licensed” system we have when it comes to battling interference. That other “licensed system” costs us about $150000 on equipment only (not counting the tower) and to setup the canopy costs us about $5000-$6000 per site (including all materials and accessories)

Seriously though like Jerry said tell us your problems and maybe we can help, thats what we are here for.


Do you work for Advanced?

sivanisky wrote :

Our Canopy network kicks the *** out of another “licensed” system

This is to be expected with any unlicensed product compared with a licensed. The licensed product is designed with the assumption that they will not have any one competing in their spectrum space hence they have a very high C/N ration, on the other hand an unlicensed product is designed to operate in a noisy environment and will have a low C/N ratio.

But you are correct that Canopy holds its own against others when it comes to interference.

Where I would like to see advancements/improvements are on the mangement interface, hopefully v8 will give us that.

We have over 1000 on our network and we don’t have any problems, we are now a little concerned with the bridgetables, but we have a plan for that, and that is not a limitation on Canopy, its more of an industry thing, as you don’t really expect to have more then 4096 nodes on a single network segment