Video fps vs bandwidth requirement

My question is, I have calculated Frame per second requirement with bandwidth. How does wireless support this for e.g. 2 Mega Pixel camera working over 7 fps requires 1500 to 3000 kbps as per attached info, whereas 2 Mega Pixel camera working over 30 fps requires 5200 to 10300 kbps. I need firm reasons that ePMP 1000 would support such transmissions. Also if there is any material to support this, would be helpful.

Epmp doesn’t care qhat your content is aside from it being ip packets. Your limited on your gross throughput.

For example, if your running cleanly in a 20 mhz channel, max mod and flexible mode, you can safely move 75 mbps.

If thats a generic calculator, you’ll want to reach out to the manufacturer for exact numbers. 10mbps is pretty high for a 2 mp. We run a lot of axis and hikvision.



Chris is right that ePMP will support any data: Internet, VOIP, IPTV or CCTV.

You might want to watch the following webinar about ePMP and CCTV:



30FPS, this needs to be confirmed/ re-validated because 30FPS in real-time video scenario does not seem practical and achievable. We need back-end working to clarify the understanding. The HIKVISION camera states that it works with 30 fps so how does the wireless handle such datarate as we have set the medium bandwidth to 2Mbps.