Web Cache Refresh After Update on 5/20

We updated the cloud.cambiumnetworks.com website last night with some minor fixes, and the changes may require you to refresh the cached files in your browser. You can do this by holding down Ctrl and clicking the Reload button in the browser UI. If you are using Chrome on your phone, you may need to clear your cache by accessing Menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data > Select "Cache" and Clear.

We have also noticed on some Firefox installations that have previously accessed the Web site using the debugging tools,  the Tools Console may need to be open when this is done (through right-click > Inspect Element). If you are having issues with Firefox, such as not seeing your Company Accounts, please let us know. We are not seeing the same problem on Chrome.

Thanks for the update. Any chance you guys will be able to update and fix the "Inventory IP Reporting" bug I posted about on the thread below? When SM in NAT mode it reports the DHCP server address (LAN) instead of the WAN address.