What does 'Idle' mean

I have 9000SMC SMs. Do they go idle after so long if there is no activity? If so, can I ‘wake’ them up remotely? If it’s not because of inactivity, what is the problem and how do I fix it?

One of the possible reasons can be, if you have on the SM:

SM Power Up Mode With No 802.3 Link : Power up in Aim Mode

If the user switched his/her connected equipment off, then there is no ethernet link and the SM is going idle. After he/she will connect the ethernet side, the SM will register and the status will change to Registered.

I have it setup as follows:

>> Power up in Operational Mode
>> 802.3 Link is Enabled

Any more ideas on why it goes idle? Will it do this when the jitter is too high?

Will it do this if the end-user hasn’t used their system in awhile?


Any other ideas?? What the difference between h/w and s/w mode – is one more effecient and better with Jitter? How do I switch between 1X and 2X?


I see this all the time with our 2 900 AP’s. It is almost like the SM and the AP stop seeing each other for a short while and the link breaks. This could be caused by jitter.

H/W schedualing will enable more throughput and less latency.

If you do not want your AP and SM’s doing 2x, disable the 2x option in the AP and reboot. If you want to disable 2x for just a few of your SM’s, disable it via the SM.

I have looked on both the 900Mhz AP and the 900Mhz SM and can NOT find 1X or 2X – where is it? I’m on v7.2.1 of the s/w.

Where can I get more info on h/w scheduling? Do I need the AP an SM both set to Hardware scheduling for it to work or can I just turn on the SM? Will hardware scheduling create any problems for me that I need to be careful of?


I was about to ask the same question. I have a single AP 2400 that connects 3 buildings with SM 2400. All are SW rev 7.2.9 and located within 15 degrees of each other at 0.34 miles, 1.74 miles and 5.2 miles. All are moving data for an IP camera system.

The site at 1.74 miles started droping out intermitently, I never could catch it while it was out to see what was hapening. On Tuesday I put up a second SM at the site with a refelector to see if the addtional signal would cure it, I also left the original SM there and powered but with no network connected (set to power up operitional)

Last night both SM’s went idle for over an hour, the AP Sesions page said both where idle. The original SM re-registered several times while the SM with the refelctor just incremented the Session count.

The original SM has signal of 67 and jitter between 1 and 4 while the Refelector has signal 54 and 1 to 3 jitter.

The refelector was passing data when it went Idle so it is not a no data issue, in fact the one without refelctor and ethernet connection says in session most of the time but could not have passed any data without being connected. Anyone have any ideas, they are both on 100 foot towers and not easy to get to. (was cold up there on tuesday)

How are they providing sync? Generating Sync? Receiving sync via timing/power port?

I only have 2 APs. One is generating sync and the the other is “Sync to Received Signal (Timing Port)” — no CMM, I daisy chained the two APs.

If there is another motorola in your area it could be a timing issue. I bet you need to get at least a mini cmm. So that your equipment and their’s can talk at the same time without locking up. can you reboot your ap and make the idle units log back on?

Sorry to hijack greg’s thread.

My setup is a single AP with 3 SM’s so there is nothing to sync to. I have not tryed rebooting the AP as I do not want to drop the other 2 sites that are working properly.

I have tryed puting the system on other freqs with no changes, the spectrum analizer shows activity on all freqs at the problem site but all of it is lower level than my received signal from the AP.

I am thinking it may be a Spread Spectrum 2.4ghz phone someware close to the problem SM as the idle drop outs last anyware from 1 min to 45 min and never happen late at night.

There is no other Canopy in the area and my units are on 100 foot towers. Even the SM with the refelector idles at the same time as the standard SM. The standard SM does do some re-registrations during these periods while the Refelector goes idle and session count goes up.

I would like to be at the SM when it goes idle to see what the condition is there but it is intermitent and hard to catch, also the SM error log shows nothing since I cleared it 3 days ago.

Any ideas?

I had a very simular problem. all the sm units that were more than 1.5 miles from the ap would go idle or drop out I could reboot my ap they would come backup for a couple of hours then go off. If you don’t have a cmm and running more than 1 ap you could be causing your own problem.

Ours was another motorola came in the area without a cmm.

I’ve had my 900 Mhz connectorized SMs go idle for hours … too long for phone conversations. Is your 2.4 integrated or connectorized antenna?

:?: My stuff is all integrated. 2.4 ap’s 5.7bh’s

greggsmithjr wrote:
I have looked on both the 900Mhz AP and the 900Mhz SM and can NOT find 1X or 2X -- where is it? I'm on v7.2.1 of the s/w

You are running in SWS mode which is why you cannot see 1x/2x. With 900 MHz you have Advantage so you can run HWS. This will allow you to run 2x with reduced latency. You need to run HWS on both the AP and the SM's as HWS AP's only talk to HWS SM's. If you have a mixed environment of SWS and HWS then there are some caveats. This is outlined in the 7.x release notes.

This sounds like interference. A lot of things other than wireless routers and cordless phones could be causing the problem.

I have one customer whose daughter has a clock radio with wireless speakers (which happen to work on 900Mhz) and every morning at 5am the alarm goes off turns on the radio and speakers and kills the radio signal for a half hour or more. She left it on one day until she came home at lunch and the radio was dead for over 6 hours. Her bedroom is right under the antenna for the Canopy 900.

Point is there are a lot of devices out there that don’t advertise themselves. It took my customer and myself 3 weeks before we determined it was his daughters clock radio.

In hardware scheduling … is 1X or 2X better for reducing Jitter and maintaining a good connection?


When running in 2x, your jitter will double. That doesn’t mean you are actually seeing worse jitter. I do not think 1x and 2x actually changes the quality of the signal.

wirelessSolutions wrote:
When running in 2x, your jitter will double. That doesn't mean you are actually seeing worse jitter. I do not think 1x and 2x actually changes the quality of the signal.

When running in 2X, receivers are 6 dB less sensitive and require higher C/I than 1X operation. In other words, 2X operation has roughly half the range of 1X operation, and is more sensitive to noise. 2X is also more sensitive to multipathing as measured by jitter. Where other factors (such as transmit output power, frequency band, topography, reflector, antenna, and quiet RF environment) are equal, 2X signaling will
cover half the range of 1X signaling, reflecting the 6 dB less of receiver sensitivity. Half the range converts to 1/4 the coverage area (since area goes up as the square of the distance.)

Shouldn’t it be called 0.5X instead of 2X? What’s the benny of having 2X … twice the throughput? That’s a lot of compromoses.

How can I turn 1X on with all my SMs without having to go to each one? I didn’t see it in the AP … but I have version 7.0.7 firmware … do I need to upgrade?