What is the recommended 900Mhz 450i Outdoor Surge and Power supply ?

We recently put up a single 900Mhz 450i AP and started moving some old 900Mhz canopy customers over to the new AP. Our old 900Mhz Canopy customers are all going through a 600SS and powered with a Tycon Power 24v Reverse Polairty PoE injector (TP-POE-24iR-CI). All of the swaps we just went out and replaced the Canopy radio/antenna with the 450i radio/antenna and so far there have been no issues, at least until we started doing new installs.

I have no idea why but we are having problems with some new installs not wanting to work through the surge suppressor. A couple of weeks ago we did our first "new" install of a 900Mhz 450i customer. Since the Tycon PoE and 600SS was working on all our swaps that is what we installed on the new customer. The radio would power, but no ethernet link.

Bypassed the 600ss with a coupler and everything worked.

Replaced the 600ss and again, power but no Ethernet.

Redid all 4 rj45 connectors, same results, coupler works 600ss does not.

Tried ePMP power supply (gigabit), same results, coupler works 600ss does not.

Tried a McGown Tech SS with both tycon and epmp power supplies and again and same results.

Tried the Cambium Gigabit SS with both power supplied and again same results.

We ended up removing the guts in the 600ss then used a coupler and attached the drain wire to the ground wire.

We ran into this same problem on other new installs. I'm at a loss to explain what the problem is.

So is there a recommended power supply and outdoor SS for the 900Mhz 450i ?



Not sure if your issue is related to my issue but take a look at the following two posts that I submitted.



Forget to add that there is a swipe switch that can be set to grounded or isolated.  You may want to check that it is in the correct position.

And from what I have been told the 600ss is for the 450i 900MHz SM

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